Bronwyn + Rob – Engaged

It was forecasting rain. I almost cancelled. They convinced me not to. Thank goodness.

Bronwyn and Rob let me know that rain or shine, they were going through with the session.

The lovebirds suggested we meet in Creemore, ON. They love the town and thought it would be a great place for their shoot. Bronwyn and Rob showed me around town while I took some photos. Pretty standard, although, something was missing.

We hopped in our cars and Bronwyn took me to a property that her grandmother previously owned, and where she spent many days and nights.

As soon as we pulled up, I felt a sense of comfort and excitement. I could tell that this place was a special place and being there with Rob was extra special (for the both of them).

It was cloudy, it was windy, it was dark. It was bright. It was wonderful.

A lesson was learned.

Thank you.

And guess what? It rained during the shoot. But, we didn’t care. Instead, we took a break, went into Creemore Springs brewery and watched Rob taste test beers.