Markus & Joline (and Dublin)

Last weekend I got the chance to spend an intimate weekend with Joline and Markus at Markus’ family’s cottage.

It was a perfect weekend.

Joline and I met in university but didn’t really get to know each other until the later years, close to graduation. I’m not sure how we became the friends we are today, but it just happened. It’s a friendship without trying and as I’m writing this, I am learning those are the best kind.

Enter Markus. Before last weekend, I wouldn’t have known what to say about Markus, (even though I’ve known him for a few years). I would have left this part blank. And that would just be very sad. Last weekend, I learned that Markus is genuine, nurturing, loyal, motivating, hard working, loving and most importantly a wierdo (although I already knew the wierdo part, just not to the extent that I know now).

I learned that he’s perfect for my friend Joline, and this is why this weekend was perfect.

  • Jen said:

    These are stunning..... My favorite is the outhouse! Haven't seen that done before.

  • Crystal said:

    These are amazing. You're beautiful Joline! Xo

  • Ivona Siniarska said:

    Beautiful Photos

  • Lisa said:

    These are such awesome shots Vicky!! Love love love them!

  • Daniel Gaudry said:

    Beauty pics guys! Very happy for Markus and Joline!

    Seeing these pics of the Raty family cottage brings back some awesome memories from the high school days!

    Have a GLORIOUS life together!


  • Keri said:

    stunning.. gorgeous.. beautiful... love these 2 kids.. and love vicky's work.

  • Seppo Nurmi said:

    Iloisia uutisia!!

    We celebrate your engagement Markus and Joline.

    (nice images too!)

    Seppo & Judy

  • lisa said:

    I am in love with these photos! When I saw them at Joline's place, I knew the photographer had to be you! Somehow I missed this post! These are beyond amazing. So good!

  • J.C. Boutros said:

    All the best J&M!